Welcome To Thorpe Salvin Parish Council

Thorpe Salvin Parish Council is a small local authority, with five councillors usually being elected for four years at a time. Following the 2015 elections in Rotherham however, the term of office for Parish Councils will be 5 years with the next elections taking place in May 2020.

All Parish Councillors are volunteers who receive no salary or expenses.

The Parish Council is subject to Duties (things that it must do) and Powers (things that it is allowed to do). The duties are mainly procedural and financial. Regular meetings must be held and a set of audited accounts must be provided at the end of each financial year. Parish Councils have the right to raise money by precept and this forms a small part of the local Council Tax. 

The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance on Sorby Field. The Council also maintains the play area, monitors public rights of way and bridleways and provides and maintains public seating. The Council also supports local events and is the focal point for consultation on matters such as planning applications and Borough Council strategic planning.

Parish Councillors know the local area well.  The Parish Council maintains ongoing contact with the Borough Council Officers and Members on matters that relate to our part of Wales ward, it is proposed however that in 2021 we will become part of Anston and Woodsetts Ward.”

The Council employs a Clerk, who works six hours per week and looks after the day to day business of the Council.

The Parish of Thorpe Salvin is very attractive and well kept but there is always something that needs to be done or could be done better. The Council would always be very pleased to hear the views of local residents on what else is required.

The Parish receives modest income each year (known as the Precept) from the Borough which it is responsible for prudently spending.  Sorby Field is a valued amenity for use by all but it comes with a noticeable cost against our income

Please contact a Parish Councillor or the Clerk with any views you might have.

Thorpe Salvin