Local History

In 1086 Thorpe Salvin was part of the manor of Laughton, held by Roger de Busli. It is unclear when the Salvin family came to Thorpe but it seems have been early in the middle ages.

In 1315-16 Anketyne Salvin and Thomas Chamberlain were recorded as lords of Thorpe Salvin. The descent after Ankeyne is unclear but the manor eventually came to the Sandford family.

One member of the Sandford family, Brian Sandford, deserted Richard III shortly before the Battle of Bosworth and joined the army of Henry Tudor. He was rewarded by the new king with the office of steward of Caistor and was appointed one of the squires of the King's body. Henry VII also gave him 12 "quick does" from the royal park at Conisbrough to stock his park at Thorpe.

Hercy Sandford built the manor house in the 1570s and, following his death in 1582, Thorpe Salvin passed to his grandson Francis Nevile, son of Ellen Sandford and Henry Nevile of Chevet. He sold the estate to Sir Edward Osborne in 1636 and Thorpe Salvin became the occasional residence of the Osborne family.

The Osborne's main residence was at Kiveton Hall most of the time, Thorpe Salvin was inhabited by tenants. By the early 19th century the mansion was in such disrepair that in 1828 Joseph Hunter said that "probably not many more years will pass before the plough will be drawn over the site."

The church contains alot of 12th century work, particularly the tower and chancel arches, the arcades and the font. The south wall of the nave was rebuilt in the 15th century and the chancel dates from the 14th century. The rich carving on the Norman font includes scenes representing the four seasons.

In 1801 the population of Thorpe Salvin was 180. The figure fluctuated throughout the 19th century, reaching 410 in 1871 and falling to 356 in 1881 . Between 1881 and 1971 it rose to 402 but had decreased to 359 in 1991.

In 1980 the village school closed and the 37 pupils moved to the school at Todwick.


The above information is extracted from Rotherham Borough Council, Patchwork of parishes, 1997.

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