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Ineos Upstream Ltd – the appeal against the planning application to the Planning Inspectorate had failed. Ineos have 30 conditions to meet before they can commence their exploration at Harthill.

Test Drilling at Harthill

In May 2017, Ineos applied to Rotherham MBC for planning permission to set up a drilling operation at Common Road, Harthill, near the border with our Parish. The planning application reference is RB2017/0805. The application will be decided at a public inquiry.

On Thursday 25 January, the Planning Board of Rotherham MBC heard objections from your Parish Council and numerous other bodies. The Planning Board resolved to oppose the Ineos application at the public inquiry.

RB2017/0805 test drilling by Ineos at Harthill – January 2018

Ineos have appealed to the Secretary of State because they say that RMBC were dragging their heels in making a decision. The RMBC Planning Board will determine their position on this planning application at a meeting of the Board on 25 January 2018. The Planning department will recommend that RMBC oppose the application on the grounds that the roads around the application site are unsuitable for the large vehicles that Ineos propose to use.

Thorpe Salvin Parish Council has been allocated three minutes to speak at the Board meeting, as have Harthill Parish Council, CPRE & Friends of the Earth. Harthill Against Fracking (HAF) have been allocated 30 minutes to represent the views of the approximately 1000 individuals who have written to RMBC to oppose the application. 

Les Barlow (Harthill Against Fracking group) convened a meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20 December. The aim of the meeting was to co-ordinate the contributions of the speakers at the Planning Board in January to try to avoid repetitions, omissions and duplication.  

Ineos Shale Ltd.

The Parish Council is currently examining documents relating to the planning application ref. RB2017/0805 - to undertake vertical drilling at Common Road, Harthill for Ineos Shale Ltd. The Council will consider this application at its August meeting.

Thorpe Salvin Parish Council has received no further communication from Ineos Shale Ltd since the last meeting.

See details of this application


Following the recent attendance by Ineos Shale Ltd at the April Parish Council meeting, clarification has been received on a couple of questions raised. Reponses from Ineos are shown in the attached pdf.

Two further questions, for clarification purposes, have been put to Ineos since the meeting and their response is also shown in the pdf.

Further communication has also been received from Ineos about seismic data acquisition activities they wish to undertake, and a map (which includes Thorpe Salvin village) showing where this is intended to be carried out. These are attached in separate pdf files.

Harthill with Woodall Parish Council will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the proposed vertical drilling off Common Road, Harthill. This meeting has been arranged for Monday 15th May at 7.00pm at Harthill Village Hall. All are welcome to attend. Although the proposed site lies within Harthill Parish it is also very close to Thorpe Salvin.

Tom Pickering, (Operations Director), Lynn Calder, (Commercial Director) and Peter Reilly and Gordon Grant, (Community Relations) will be in attendance from Ineos

Download the Q&A document

Download letter from Ineos

Download the seismic survey area map

Presentation to Thorpe Salvin Parish Council by Ineos Shale Ltd.

Download the presentation

Visit the Ineos Shale website






Planning objection sent to Andrew West, RMBC Planning

Dear Mr West,

Thorpe Salvin Parish Council has resolved that I should write to you about planning application RB2017/0490.

The applicant wants to install a tank for LPG to heat a building that was erected with planning permission for a barn.

The owner, Mr. David Bonsall, has made a number of applications for permission to convert the barn to a dwelling. Rotherham MBC has protected the Green Belt and refused every request.

Mr Bonsall has appealed to Planning Inspectors and the Law Courts but the decisions by RMBC have been upheld every time.

In spite of this, the current application says that the barn has been converted to a dwelling and that a fuel tank is needed to heat it.

If this application was granted, it would be an official acceptance of the assertion that the barn is a legitimate dwelling. This would undo all the previous decisions and actions to protect the Green Belt.

For this reason, Thorpe Salvin Parish Council opposes this application.

Ian Daines

Thorpe Salvin Parish Council

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