Report from the Chairman 2021

The Chairman referred to the fact that at this time of sadness following the death of Prince Phillip how that also reminds us all of personal loss of loved ones.

This has been a difficult year for many and also for the Parish Council In the Parish we have seen the community come together with a noticeable increase in community spirit. An incresed awareness of our neighbours.

The Parish Council has not been able to hold the face to face Meetings as normal but has still functioned and held Virtual Meetings open to all

Councillors were thanked for the time they have given to their role and to the benefit therefore of the Community as a whole.

The Clerk, Mary Welch, was also thanked for her work in ensuring the PC carries out its responsibilities in the correct manner -sometimes no easy task where I was concerned!. Mary is also Financial Officer and since she joined finances have improved and we now have adequate financial resources despite our limited income.

Les Hutchinson has now decided that he will not continue as a Councillor. Les has been a Parish Councillor for an incredible 50 years. We will certainly miss his local knowledge and input. He has surely made an amazing commitment to the Community.

Keith Wake has found that his work has once again become more demanding on his time and wishes to leave the PC when a new Councillor can be recruited .There are therefore likely to be two vacancies we will need to fill .If you are interested and wish to discuss this further do talk to a Councillor or the Clerk.

The year has been one of financial consolidation. The income from Precept is less than £9000 and out of that there is ongoing expenditure each year for the Salary of the Clerk and the maintenance of Sorby Field.Both are considered very worthwhile!

The cost to a householder per week for the PC is less than a drink in a pub !.Hopefully thought to be good value! The amount to be paid this next year will not increase as it was thought inappropriate to increase the precept.

Not withstanding the limited finances the PC has been active in maintaining the Parish as a good place to live.

Sorby Field has been refurbished over the last two years and this year we secured a Grant to repaint the Equipment.

The Parish Council have throughout the year been in contact with Borough Councillors about the state of our roads.As a result of an on-site Meeting we have seen Manor Road and Worksop Road resurfacing work. We have secured an assurance that work will be undertaken on Common Road and at Netherthorpe this next financial year.

Road Safety is considered a issue that we have started to tackle for with only 10% of our village roads having footpaths and seeing the speed of traffic through the village we believe we should work for speed reduction and speed reduction measures .We will need support from all to achieve this.

In the year we have dealt with issues about bins, bonfires, hedges encroaching onto the road and other issues considered by residents to warrant attention. A proposal to install CCTV is under consideration if the financial assistance with the cost can be found .

We have decided that we would like to see a pictorial sign should be erected in Coronation Garden and we are trying to access financial assistance.

The Parish Council monitors Planning Applications and when believed appropriate will comment to the Planners

In January our local M. P-Alex Stafford joined our Meeting and offered help when required to try and locate assistance and funds . We have indicated support for his campaign to get a Police Station in Dinnington and a railway line re-instated .

It remains the wish of the Parish Council to have a litter pick however the Borough Council are currently unable to support this and which is an issue we are trying to resolve.

One disappointment this year is the fact that after the Elections our Parish is being moved from Wales Ward to Anston Ward which is linked to Woodsetts. A decision that we would not have wished for we all have strong links with Harthill and the rest of Wales Ward and have been able to work with the Wales Ward Councillors .We will now have to forge new relationships with the elected Councillors for Anston and Woodsetts ward .

One final matter is to remind residents of the need for those who live in the Parish to indicate a willingness to receive e- mail communications from the Parish Council for that allows ease of contact and fast contact .If you have not done that please contact the Clerk for although we may have your e mail address we need your authorisation.

The Parish Council will continue to work to be an effective team working for the benefit of all in the Parish with the intention to maintain and improve the place where we live.

b) Items raise by Parishioners

Councillors were asked about the quarrying concerns. Councillor Wake explained that looking at the area as part is in Derbyshire and part south Yorkshire presumably there will be two planning applications. If one the one to Rotherham got approved it could see quarrying in time to the rear of houses on the south side of Common Road

The Parish Council believes there is need to set up a Group independent to the PC to be ready to oppose all quarrying within our Parish boundary -similar to those formed to oppose fracking in nearby villages We had tried to set up this anti-quarrying group but could not find people interested.